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UVEOL is an Italian chemical company focused on RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCTION and DISTRIBUTION of chemical auxiliaries, fluid MANAGEMENT directly at customer plants, TECHNICAL SUPPORT.


Boilers treatment
Sludge conditioners
FDA approved oxygen scavengers
Volatile oxygen scavengers
Neutralizing amines
Multifunctional additives

Cooling circuits treatment
Sequestering agents limescale
Corrosion inhibitors
Oxidizing sanitizers
Non-oxidizing sanitizers
Drinking water treatment

Pickling treatments
Pickling inhibited acids
Corrosion inhibitors for ferrous metals
Corrosion inhibitors for galvanized surfaces
Pickling iron oxides

Resins and membranes treatments
Sequestering-repellent for ion exchange resins
Antiscaling for reverse osmosis membranes

Dosing and storage systems
Automatic bleeding instrumentation
PH Control Systems
Biocide program control systems 

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